I accept commissions.

In pyrography, pencil, digital painting and some traditional painting. I only do a certain number per year because of the length of time it takes to do some of them. If interested e-mail me and we can discuss details. Christian@mythwood.com

Here are some examples of the media I work in. The first set started as a pencil sketch then finished as a digital drawing with my graphics tablet which lets me draw or paint directly on the computer. The next set of images is pure photo manipulation which is when I take a photo or multiple photos and transform them into something else. I can also use photo manipulation to fix or restore damaged photographs.


Here is a general idea of what a private commission might cost. Contact me if you have a request and want to get a definitive price. Also I take payments so you don't have to have the full price all at once. I accept credit card payments through Paypal and will take personal checks with enough time for them to clear the bank.

Pyrography: 300$-2000$+ depending in size and detail. 8x10 plaques, small boxes, and other small wood items would start at the 300$ range. 11x14 portraits 400-500$ and 16x20 600-700$. Larger furniture and flat work will cost the most as will more detailed work. Wood burning is usually the most time consuming type of art work with the smaller items taking several days to a week and the larger items like furniture taking as long as a month to finish. 

Pencil: 100$+ depending on size and detail. An 8.5x11 portrait would be 150$. Add another person to it and it would be 200$.  11x14 sizes would be 300$. Add another person and it would be 350$. 16x20 works are in the 500-600$ range depending on the level of detail. Pencil work can take a week or two to complete after I start it depending on size and subject.

Digital Painting/Photo Manipulation: 100$+ Size and detail matter here too. I can do a simple 8x 11 digital painting or photo manipulation and print it out for 100$ The more detailed it gets the higher the price. Larger canvas prints can also be ordered for digital works. 11x14 would be 300$, 16x20 400$, and 18x24 500$. You can get even larger sizes printed and there are all types of surfaces including car magnets and vinyl banners. Email me if you have a specialty item in mind you want printed. Photo restorations are usually smaller and would be in the 100$-300$ range depending on the work needed to restore them.

What is digital art?

The digital art I do is mostly digital painting with a graphics tablet.  I use a Wacom tablet which lets me paint and draw on the computer screen in Photoshop and other art programs. Many times I'll start with a pencil sketch and scan it into the PC to work on it more in Photoshop adding color/paint as I go. Other times I'll start the sketch digitally and do the whole thing in an art program.

I do photo manipulation as well. This is a fun art form of altering photographs into something new. The image above is one example of this. There are others on my Deviant Art page. I do these in Photoshop and other art programs sometimes combining manipulations with digital painting and 3D sculpting. 

What is pyrography?

Pyrography is wood burning with special burning tools. Mine is called an Burnmaster and it is basically a base unit that regulates the temperature of the pen tips that plug into it. Each pen has a different kind of tip for whatever kind of work you want to do on the wood. As an art form pyrography has been around for a long time but has become more popular in recent years. It is also done on gourds which are very popular.

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